How to Make 3D Statue of Yourself in Dubai

Everyone loves to look at images of their self, there are so many ways to take your photos. To capture someone is a tough and big responsivity forh1 photographers. Doob in 3D in photo-realistic technology made by designers, its will look like yourself but it will not exact you. Many people want to make their 3D Statue of Yourself in their homes or in galleries.

Now the main point in this everyone asked about the Doob 3d Price of your replica. It depends upon the size of replica you are making for yourself, larger is the size more it will be costly. Next question people ask is how much time it will require in completing. So printing process is an awaiting process you have to keep patience for your replica. And it also depends on the size of your replica.

We at Ibrahim Nagi studio giving Doob in 3D services for many years in Dubai. We have the talent to make a replica in a shorter time, at reasonable prices and in better quality. We have made a replica of thousands of people like kids, men’s, women’s, families, friends, and couples. If you are looking for a Doob in 3d photographer Ibrahim Nagi is the perfect brand for you.


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