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Couple Shoots

About Couple Shoots

Wedding shoots are one of the most cherished and special moments of your life. It becomes even more beautiful when you have got a beautiful token of remembrance of your special moments. The pre and post-wedding pictures shot in picturesque locales are something that every couple flaunts with elan. Celebrate your Pre & Post Wedding Photoshoot in a fantastic way with Ibrahim Naghi!


Getting comfortable in front of the camera before your big day is the key to perfect photo shoots. Ibrahim Naghi knows, how to make you feel at home and provides you to a comfortable environment to get your pre and post shoots done. Get some awesome photos in your wedding finery on a stunning location and a glamorous photo shoot in your wedding dress. Once you’ve found a great photographer for your Couple Photography you feel a lot relaxed and even more confident about your shoot. Every moment with your partner needs to be celebrated and captured so that you can smile, afterward by looking at the portraits of those beautiful moments.


These moments when captured perfectly add to the rejoice even more. Ibrahim Naghi is the Master of capturing your special moments in a special way. Consider planning photo sessions not just on the wedding day, but before and after too. Usually, the Couple Photoshoot Style would choose where and when the shoot happens. It is the best way to document a unique stage in your lives, this kind of shoot is a precious opportunity to get to know your photographer better, which is necessary in order to produce a fantastic album.

Comfortable and Leisurely Environment

Want a pre-wedding shoot with an atmosphere that is quite informal, full of fun and laughter? In fact, one of the reasons photographers themselves are so keen on the idea is that it lets you see exactly. How much fun photography can be?

Ibrahim Naghi knows about the better idea of how you respond to the camera, what angles do and don’t work for you, and how you interact together. Our team will also get some measure of your personalities and the nature of your relationship.

A good wedding photographer will always produce good photos, but a Pre-wedding shoot acts as a trial run. One of the advantages of a Pre-wedding shoot is that you can incorporate the resulting photos into your wedding plans. For save-the-date cards, your wedding website and much more.

Whereas a post-wedding shoot also holds a great significance in the life of a couple. A photoshoot after the wedding day? It’s not as weird as it might sound. For a start, it stretches out the window you have to get some great photos, and, as you’ll discover, time is precious on the wedding

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day. Location of the shoot of course matters! You can select the location of your choice, or we can suggest some good locations for the shoot to you if you want. The decision is totally up to you, as we just want to ensure your satisfaction which is our basic priority and aim!

Some locations look better in the morning than in the evening. The direction of the sun illuminates locations differently at different times. Therefore, the proficient team Ibrahim Naghi guides you in a better way which locations to go for your Pre & Post Shoots.

How We Manage Your Shoot’s?

We provide you with the best post-shoots as our team will carve out if there are any particular shots you didn’t have time to pose for on the day. You can relax in the knowledge that you have another chance to capture them. With a whole new day scheduled for happy couple portraits, we provide you with an opportunity for candid and fun shots- one of the most important aspects of the day.

Our approach towards your Couple Photoshoot is simple. We capture at our best to carve out the beauty of your special moments and capture them into portraits! You can go for casual, fun and humorous poses if that’s what you want, but a dramatic background also lends itself to artistic or unusual shots.

The beauty of a post-wedding session is that you are free to arrange it for any time that suits, whether it’s a few days afterward, when you’re still on the post-wedding high, or a few months later, giving you something to look forward to. You could even choose the time of year you like best; if you’re marrying in summer, maybe a comfortable & colorful autumnal or winter shoot would be fun?

Therefore, the post-wedding shoot is a perfect opportunity to wear your beautiful dress again. But the best thing about a post-wedding shoot is that you are past any tension or pressure that affected you on the wedding day. We value your time and ideas!

You can also come up with other interesting ideas that tell the story of you too about how you met, came to know each other and developed feelings for one another. For example, a recent client came up with the whole idea of play-acting to the lyrics on a particular song, so we thought of actions to fit the lines for the song. You can choose whatever idea or theme you want to!

Another couple did a shoot where they shared their thoughts on what they love about each other.

Or the differences between both of them, using handwritten cards. Therefore, in order to have a token of remembrance of you Pre and Post shoot, so that you can have a look at those portraits afterward in your life and smile at the beauty of those moments, and to rejoice your special moments with best portraits, you can trust team Ibrahim Naghi.

We know all the techniques of Wedding Couple Photoshoot should use to enhance the beauty of your special occasions, therefore you can rely on us for shoots! Contact us.


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